Howling Success prides itself on the care and one-on-one attention your dog receives.
Read some of the kind words our clients have shared with us.

… extraordinary dog trainer …

I have known Kris for 12 years, since we arrived in Chiriqui. She is an extraordinary dog trainer and her border facilities and care are wonderful! She trained my 2 Great Danes , Abbey & Mía. We attended puppy kindergarten, obedience and advanced obedience and it was a great experience. Every time we travelled, half of our pack (10 dogs) would stay at Howling Success! When we were back from our trips, my dogs were so happy, that they would come to greet us and then run back in with the rest of Kris’ pack. When she came over to train at my house, we had to make sure her car windows were all closed or my dogs would jump right in to go for a ride with Aunt Kris! Flo, our beloved bulldog was always very happy to stay at her place; we even took her over to Howling Success just to spend the afternoons running and playing with her dear pup friends! Howling Success is the best!
Lotti Gambetta

Kris is the best.

Kris is the best. She treats the dogs just like if they were her own and believe us that is a very high standard to meet.
Merry Reed

Responsive, knowledgeable, patient and talented.

Kris Berg has been an amazing guardian and overall support to me and my 4 dogs. Responsive, knowledgeable, patient and talented. She is available for all your animal needs. I highly recommend her services.
Regina Williams

My highest recommendation…

Kristine is absolutely the best for my dogs. I’ve been taking my dogs to Kristine’s for 8 years. They get excited just knowing that they’re going to see Kristine. Her ability to give personal attention to each dog is amazing and I like how she takes pictures of my dogs getting to hang out on her lap. My highest recommendation goes to Kristine and Howling Success.
James Keihl

…caring professional hands…

I have boarded my two dogs with Kris Berg at Howling Success Kennels several times while I lived in Panama. My dogs were always happy to see Kris ,and were always in great spirits when I came to pick them up. Kris is super knowledgeable and treats all the dogs with love and affection. Your dog will be in caring professional hands when you board at Howling Success.
Indie Gentry

She truly puts the animals first …

I have boarded my 2 dogs with Kris many times. as well as trained with her. She truly puts the animals first and dedicates her time to providing the very best care. She has a lot of veterinary knowledge and knows when to contact a vet in an emergency situation. Love the cage free aspect if your dogs are socialized. However, her kennels and runs here are second to none if the need for them arises.
Dottie Thompson